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ReelSpeed Miniature Bearing Puller Kit V.2

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ReelSpeed Miniature Bearing Puller Kit V.2
ReelSpeed Miniature Bearing Puller Kit V.2

Here is our revamped 2nd generation miniature bearing puller kit. Specifically made for pulling the smallest and hardest to remove bearings. This kit includes tips to pull the following eight bearing sizes: 3MM, 1/8″, 4MM, 5/32″, 3/16″, 5MM, 6MM & 1/4″!! Tips are made from a hardened steel with a proprietary heat treat process to guard against fracture and then plated for extra durability. This kit is especially great for stubborn bearings stuck in blind holes!

Works great on Fishing Reels, RC Cars, Airplanes, Motors…You got a frozen bearing, or working with bearing removal all the time, make your job easy with the ReelSpeed bearing puller. Finest craftsmanship, and this thing works!!!!


  • Completely Original and Unique Design for Pulling Impossible Small Bearings
  • Pulls 8 Different Sizes of Miniature Bearings
  • Patent Pending



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